Thursday, January 9, 2014

NEXT WEEKS MENU- January 13-17, 2014

I will be posting Next Week Menus in just a few minutes:)).

I will do a separate Post for each day with a picture of Finished Dish, Items Purchased, Recipe & Cost!

I am adding each Recipe to my Pinterest Recipes Pins!!  So follow me on Pinterest and you can always find a favorite Recipe:)

The last Blog Post will be the Grocery List of things you will need to buy. Remember to add the staples you will need to keep on hand for this weeks and future weeks menus.

I did my shopping today at HEB and this week used only their sales ad and in store Coupons and purchased everything on the Grocery List. I did not use anything I already had in my Pantry that's on the list as to have an accurate cost this time.
I'm sure you could come close to the items I purchased in cost at Walmart or Trader Joes if you prefer to shop somewhere else. I just like HEB as they offer so many FREE items!

Y'all bare with me as this is my first time doing this:). Let me know if you have any questions or have ideas to better the Blog:)

Thanks for letting me do this!
Have a Blessed Day and who may find as I do... that the best time spent with family is around the dinner table over a home cooked meal!


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  1. I was referred to this site off a friends post on FB! I have cooked 2 of the meals and my family loved them both! Thanks for sharing!