Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 Days of Family Saver Recipes

Ok Friends...per your request...I created this blog to Post my "Weekly Meal Menu" on a Budget for you to follow:).

My Goal is to prepare Home Cooked Meals for 4-6 people for $10 a Meal!!  And to use my CROCK POT as often as possible!!!  So if you don't have to Walmart cause your gonna need one and it's less than $20. Who doesn't want to throw everything in a pot...go to work...and come home 8 hours later to Dinner Ready to Serve???

Some Meals will cost less than $10 and some maybe more.  But no more than $50 for all 5 Meals!

I will also include a few Deserts....:)))

My weekly choices will be based on what's in season and on sale in my weekly HEB ad.  I love HEB for their "BUY this Item and get these 6 items FREE!!!"  And I'm a firm believer in Coupons!!  In your Sunday Paper or at

I will Post each Friday the following Weeks Meals that I will be cooking along with the Recipes, Grocery List and Cost. All you have to do is Grocery Shop over the weekend!

Some of the Recipes will be my Families Favorites and some will be New Ones I will be trying for the first time!!!

For some crazy reason I'm excited about this!!!  LOL
I do love to cook and save money!

The staples for all meals that will not be included in your grocery list because you should always have these in your pantry or fridge will be things like:
Olive Oil
To name a few:)

So let's have Fun, Eat Good and Save some Money!!

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